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Anonymous asked: You have a cute face. I dig it. I'm sorry that you're bored that happens to me all the time and I haven't found a good way to handle it. What superpower would you want if you had a choice? Favorite season? If you had the chance to design your own house, which room would you focus on the most and why?

Thanks! :)

If I had a superpower it would be to be able to fly and cure people.

Favorite season is Winter.

Hmm, I would probably focus the most on my living room and my master bedroom. Living room because thats where all my guests would spend most of their time and my master bedroom cuz thats where i would spend most of my time haha. 

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tbh im super bored.

Ask me anything.

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Anonymous asked: Why are white boys the ultimate fuckboys? Like I can't text a fool without him tryna get me to put out 2 mins into a convo.


idk this is a very valid question…. all the boys ive ever been with the white ones r always the most eager always so entitled its weird and gross

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when my straight friends tell me about their relationship problems/breakups image

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